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Acoustics Technical Director, Dubai Acoustic Research Laboratory

Design Confidence

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Paul oversees the Acoustic Engineering team consulting on the design and commissioning of commercial, private and public spaces from initial and concept design to tender stage submission and return assessments. The team also conduct preliminary and final commissioning testing and investigative assessments.  

Technical  Architectural services provided to date have included the provision of advice on all aspects of building and environmental acoustics, noise and vibration studies to many major international architects and developers; assessing client’s needs and providing cost-effective and practical advice commensurate with the project requirements.

Paul is experienced at writing detailed acoustic specifications for items such as internal and external building fabric components (to control unwanted noise break-in/ breakout), plant room structures (to control plant noise breakout to surrounding sensitive areas), internal cellular partitioning systems including ceiling void treatment (for control of speech crosstalk between critical spaces to maintain privacy) and acoustic finishes to occupied areas for reverberation time control to ensure an essential level of speech intelligibility and/or technical and musical performance standards.     

I am currently resident lecturer at the School of the Built Environment at Heriot Watt University in Dubai for Architectural Acoustics


I am an experienced acoustics, noise and vibration engineer and have more than 20 years’ experience working in this field.  In that time, I have gained an extensive understanding of designing, monitoring, assessing and controlling acoustics, noise and vibration affecting commercial, residential and public and private property. My experience also includes writing and reviewing detailed technical reports as part of wider environmental and architectural studies, and the drafting of environmental and building noise legislation and regulations in the Middle East, specifically the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi within the UAE. 

I am currently a resident lecturer at the School of the Built Environment at Heriot-Watt University in Dubai for Architectural Acoustics and have guest-lectured at the American University, Sharjah and the Islamic University, Dubai; in addition to regular presentations and technical discussion forums for the construction industry throughout the GCC and Asia. 

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