Build Dubai Marina Petrovic

This month’s Build Dubai meeting was one of the most attended sessions since the beginning of the year. We had a great lineup of new guests.

Guest presentation: “The Art of Storytelling” by Marina Petrovic

Our Build Dubai member Marina Mrdjen Petrovic held an interactive presentation and workshop titled “The Art of Storytelling”, sharing the best marketing and communications practices for design and build industries. Based on her experience across different spectrums of both traditional print and digital media, PR and marketing, Marina explained us how new technolgoies have influenced our behaivour and our ways we learn and intercat with different brands and companies.

“Today’s customers consume brands and their key messages in a much different way than just a decade ago. No one believes in buzzwords such as leading, award-winning, forwrad-thinking… Our customers nowadays look for a more genuine and authentic content,” explained Marina.

Marina further gave her two cents on why the videos should be part of our marketing and content strategies as the most effective way to engage with our key audience.

“By 2022, online videos will consume more than 82% of all consumer Internet traffic, according to Cisco”, said Petrovic. “Recent researches show that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.”

Build Dubai member’s presentation: My journey to becoming among Top 25 CEOs in logistics 

Our member, Paula Belamy, brought us up to date with Oceanwide Logistics, discussing the past, present and future of her innovative company.

In a very engaging and personal presentation, Paula shared with us her professional development journey and how she managed to achieve rewarding and successful career wtihout a formal education.

“After growing up in Felixstowe, UK my career choice seemed a logical one.  I have worked in HM Customs & Excise, accounting, imports, exports, road haulage and also a shipping Line, finally choosing freight forwarding as my career of choice,” expalined Paula.

Paula opened Oceanwide Logistics Dubai in August 2016, as the newest addition to OL Holdings USA, whihc now comprises 15 offices throughout the USA; Canada, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

“We are multinational which allows us to better assist and communicate with the many nationalities in the UAE and are always striving to serve the client better,” explained Paula, giving us an intresting overview on logistics and transportation regulations in KSA.