Build Dubai December meeting

5 Steps to Creating Business Value in a Disruptive Ecomony 

Zag Asghar, CEO of Accelarte Global, delivered a talk based on real-life engagements with SMEs and large enterprises, as well as Accelerate-Global’s research into business drivers in different industries, including construction.

“We live in challenging times. Change occurs much quicker and disruption to the norm is happening at a rapid rate. There is less time to “see” what’s happening, let alone an opportunity to “do something” about what may be coming ahead – companies can be marginalized very quickly as a result,” explained Zag. 

These days, with the rate of change that include a constant flood of new competitors, disruptive technologies, regulatory and environmental demands along with the changing requirements of the customer, companies need to become more agile and adaptive to survive and maintain their business value. Internally, the quality of a strategic roadmap, leadership, culture and innovation play an increasing part in the agility process. 

In this session, we also learned about the current economic landscape and key metrics, our experience of key drivers affecting businesses along with 5 key steps to enable their companies to stay ahead of competitors and increase the probability of successfully navigating through the challenging conditions that most companies face in this region. 

Build Dubai member’s presentation: A Brief Story of Oryx Door Systems 

Guy Dawson, founder of Build Dubai and managing director of Oryx Door Systems, told us the extremely entertaining story of his checkered past, involving spy rings, skullduggery and clandestine meetings – all of which, has shaped him into the highly respected leader of his flourishing business, Oryx Door Systems.

Anyone wishing to seek advice on planting bugs or, indeed, set up an interrogation room for their employees with his “tint on demand glass film”, please see Guy and his team at their office in Al Quoz.