Finding top talent in design and build industry

Our highly-anticipated first meeting in 2020 started with an insightful session by Esther Echeverria, managing director at L&C Recruitment on “Finding Top Talent” who specializes in recruitment in engineering, architecture, interior design, and fit-out industries. 

Finding the right candidate can be a challenging experience for executives in the industry. Esther and her team are using innovative techniques such as artificial intelligence as part of their recruitment process.

She discussed how to search and select candidates and how AI is now playing an important role in filtering and selecting the right candidates.

She shared some interview techniques, which can help to make sure the candidate is not only matching your criteria but also your company culture.

“We make sure to not only assess the candidates’ skills but also their values and behavior,” explained Esther.

Build Dubai member’s presentation: OFIS introduces new solutions for flexible and collaborative workspaces 

Marina Petrovic, marketing and communications manager at OFIS, gave us an insightful presentation on OFIS latest novelties as well as an insight into their approach towards creating complete solutions for workspaces, which foster wellbeing, higher productivity and active engagement among people in the workplace.

“For more than three decades, OFIS has been successfully delivering solutions for offices across the UAE in partnership with major global brands such as Steelcase for office furniture and Interface for commercial flooring. Recently, we have added a few more brands to our furniture portfolio, such as Schiavello from Australia and Sancal from Spain, which all cater to the new way of working, offering solutions that support both collaborative and flexible work environments,” said Marina.

She also introduced the latest video series “In Your Space”, showcasing various projects that OFIS team has worked on.